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Patricia is one of the Co-Owners of All About Games, as well she is the President of the Game Loft.

$39.99 each Concept

 Concept. This is my pick of the year for new games. One person tries to get the others to say a concept using only the visual clues on the board to communicate. You can use symbols to describe color, size, country, gender, history, origin, shape, and many other characteristics. Some concepts are easy like “air mail” while others are very challenging like “Calvin and Hobbes.” This game teaches you to think in terms of the most important characteristics down to the lesser descriptors. A great party game and learning game for the whole family or a witty group of friends. For 4-12 players ages 10+

$24.95 each Gloom

Gloom. For storytellers and lovers of the macabre try Gloom. It is the funniest game we stock. In this story-telling card game you try to get rid of your family members while saving your opponents from untimely deaths. Use the cards to trigger stories and then let your imagination run wild. For 2-4 players ages 8+

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