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Cameron is our newest addition, he is going into High School and is a member of The Game Loft. 


Castle Panic I am 14 and this is a great game for families and teens. It has a lot of action when you are trying to defend the tower from monsters but you have to work as a team to survive. This game rewards cooperation and planning in a group.

$35.00 each Castle Panic

Settlers of Catan (and its expansions) This game was invented before I was born but lots of people are just discovering it. It is a game based around the mythical island of Catan and how the resources of the island are used to create a civilization. Unlike Castle Panic, Settlers of Catan is not a cooperative game but you have to work with other people to trade and get to your goals. There are lots of ways to win at this game and there are no unfair advantages. I would recommend this for teens and even younger as well as for adults. The only problem with this game is that it is for 3 or 4 players only unless you get the expansions sets.


Coup This card game uses bluffing and logical deduction to help you get what you want. Each of the characters on the cards has a different ability. Sometimes you can bluff about which card you hold. Each game is quite fast (under 20 minutes) but you want to play over and over again.

$14.99 each Coup

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