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Owen is our high school employee and a volunteer at the Game Loft.

$90.00 each Axis & Allies

Axis and Allies I’m a guy so I like wargames. This is my idea of the best way to learn history, especially World War II history. There is endless combat which is O.K. with me. It expands the way I think about things and makes me wonder what decisions I would make if I were a world leader. It is also a great way to learn strategy and world geography. For 2-5 players ages 12+

Sleeping Queens We play this with the littler kids on Mondays and at Mt. View. They like it because it is simple to learn and quick to set up. You try to wake up your own queens and to put the other queens back to sleep. It is a quick game and one that is good for all ages of young kinds. For 2-5 players ages 8+

$24.99 each Snake Oil

Snake Oil This is one of my favorite games because it is fun and easy. One person plays a character like, say, a “caveman”. The others have cards in their hands that they are trying to put together to create an imaginary product. Then everyone tries to sell their imaginary product to the “caveman”. The person playing the caveman decides which product is the best. Anything goes and everybody has fun. For 3-10 players (or more) ages 10+



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