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$49.95 each Village

 Village. In this strategy board game you play a village family anxious to rise in status. You can travel, join the church, get married, work in the trades, or farm but sooner or later your family members will die. Those whose status is recorded in the village chronicle are considered the most successful. This is a resource management game. Moderate strategic level game. For 2-4 players ages 12+

A Few Acres of Snow. This is a two player card driven board game set during the French and Indian Wars. One player is the English and the other is the French and each side has benefits and deficits. The map board demonstrates the perspective of sea travel in this period. A great game about a period that deserves more study. For 2 players age 14+

Pocket Battles. This game addresses the problem of how you could play a Civil War battle in half an hour on an airplane seatback tray. Tiles represent the units. Decide on the size of the battle you want to re-create and set it up. This clever concept would also work well to introduce young players to wargaming. For 2 players ages 10+




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